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Excel Find and Replace Professional

Excel Search and Replace Tool is an efficient tool adept at finding and replacing multiple words in multiple excel
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19 July 2013

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This is a tool for finding an item in Excel and replacing it automatically.

Excel Find and Replace tool helps find data in cells and replacing it with a given item. This would be very useful in large spreadsheets where doing this would be tedious and error prone. Excel spreadsheet formats of XLS as well as XLSX are handled by this program. The whole process is quite simple. You start by finding and opening the Excel file that you want to work on. If you add a folder, all the spreadsheet files will be added to the processing pile. You could use keyboard shortcuts to remove some from the list. The next step is to load the word, data items you want to find. This can be done through loading an external file in CSV or TXT format. Additional words could be added to the list, if required. The search is case sensitive and thus, you need to take that into account when starting the search operation.

Before starting the find and replace operation, you could check the find string and make any changes as required. The same could be done with the replace item too. It also has a remove option that lets you remove the items to be found. This could be changed too before starting the operation. Replacement and removal details are stored in a separate file. This logged data will help debug the problem later. The interface is quite simple and most users should be able to master it easily. This is a very good tool.

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Excel Search and Replace Tool is a useful tool developed to carry out Find and Replace and formatting tasks in multiple excel files with precision. Purpose of this software is to save time and effort of the user by performing find and replace and formatting tasks in multiple selected excel spreadsheets at one go. The user can perform these tasks following simple steps. Most operations can be carried out with a few clicks of the mouse. The user first needs to add files by clicking ‘add files’ or ‘add folders’ button. After clicking on ‘add files’ button user can simply select files to be added. On clicking ‘add folder’ button all files contained in the selected folder are automatically added. Users have the option to remove selected files also. Thereafter user needs to click ‘add words’ button to go to next step and enter words and phrases in ‘Find what’ and ‘Replace with’ boxes and perform Find and Replace tasks effortlessly. The user has the liberty to perform these operations in single or multiple files. Batch find replace feature provided in the software allows the user to find and replace words and phrases with the help of wildcard utility in all types of excel files like XLS, XLSX, XLSM, XLT etc. Apart from these features a log file is also provided. It gives all information about Find and Replace and Formatting tasks performed. The tool supports files in different formats like XLS, XLSX, XLSM, XLT etc. and different languages like English, German, Spanish, French, and Hindi etc.
In the present scenario, excel addins like ‘Excel Search and Replace Tool’ have become a necessity for offices, as most offices rely heavily on computer systems for conduct of work. Paper documents have given way to soft copies to the extent that paper documents are used only if absolutely necessary. Documents are prepared mainly with the help of MS word, excel and PowerPoint giving rise to the need for addins.
Excel Find and Replace Professional
Excel Find and Replace Professional
Version 3.5
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